Ho Hmm weekend

I spent the majority of my weekend being stuck in a neverending cycle of cleaning. I finally got around to taking down the Halloween Village and yes i realize that i am a bit behind on this, but i have really no desire to take these things down only put them up. Since i am pregnant and fat i am also clumsy and wound up breaking 2 of the piece. I am so pissed about that because one of them is a retired piece and one of the first i ever bought. I took it as a sign that i shouldn’t be taking it down, but really it is time. There are Christmas decorations to break!

I also took all the stuff off the walls in regards to Halloween. The kids really participated in decorating this year and i found these great adhesives for the walls that held stuff up better than tape. However, there should of been a disclaimer that if you live in a house built by Centex don’t use them. Took the paint and some of the actual wall off as well! *Sigh* REALLY not my weekend for this! I was so frustrated with that and the fact that D is still stubbornly refusing to poop on the potty. He would do it before we sent him to preschool and now he refuses. SO FRUSTRATING!!! Threats, bribes, etc. nothing works on this kid. I am trying to be patient and i know that he will eventually get back to it, but i want it to happen before the new addition comes along. I know that will cause him to have a set back as well.

I didn’t get anything done that i really wanted to do on my weekend. I feel like i am in a neverending cleaning cycle with occassional breaks to add something new like scrub the floors with a toothbrush or do a load of laundry a day because D WON’T POOP IN THE BLASTED POTTY or whatever else my fancy life can come up with. I wanted to get some stuff done for my Etsy store, but when i finshed the rounds on cleaning and then the second round because kids always come right behind and undo everything you do i was just too tired to think about pulling out the tools for the jewelry or the papers and embellishments for the cards. *sigh* Ahh the glamour of my life. Hard to believe no one is clamouring at my door to try it out for themselves.


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