Holidays are a-coming…

I know it is probably driving you crazy wondering if i have started decorating for Halloween. Many of you know that i have an obsessive love for the holiday season. I am overtaken by some sort of crazed person during this time and spend most of it obsessively buying things we don’t have the storage or money for. Well this year the stores seems to have taken care of that problem for me by already moving out all the Halloween stuff and moving on to Christmas. Did i miss a month here? Did Halloween pass without me knowing it? It feels like it. I was barely able to find anything new to add to the decorations this year and i can apparently just forget about getting anything for Thanksgiving, that is apparently not a big enough holiday. Good grief!

I have been chomping at the bit and driving M nuts with “Can you get down the decorations now? Can you get them down now? How about now?????????????????????????” See our decorations are store up in the attic space, which you have to use a ladder to get to and the ladder comes a little short (about 5 feet) of the actual space so you have to grab the sides and jump up. There are several things wrong with this for me and for this reason, my husband choses to store our holiday stuff up there. I think it may be because i would apparantly decorate in July for Halloween, WHAT-EVER! Well maybe he’s right. I have an absolute fear of heights and while i would never risk the chance of hurting the baby since there is no way i can haul my tummy up that far, not to mention you have to lower yourself down as well, i cannot climb up that far. I did it once. Just ONCE and i spent a very long time in the attic opening psyching myself up to get down. I feared that i may have to live up there because i just could not get down. I will never do that again, not even for the love of my precious holiday decorations. I just threaten to buy all new ones that M can complain about. šŸ™‚

But he has relented and brought them down and i have put up stuff through out the inside of the house, however, i have been delayed with the outside decorations until the house can be powerwashed. Which should be this weekend or someone will wake up with witches hats and pumpkin lights stapled to his body. This year we are doing a few things different with the halloween decorations since J is much more interested in coloring and helping out. Plus he has inherited his mother’s GREAT LOVE of anything holiday. I have printed out tons of Halloween related coloring pages and he has set to coloring them in how he sees them. I have even joined in, i really love coloring and glitter glue, don’t forget that! Next i have been cutting all of these out and we have made a pumpkin patch on the wall that is filled with many colorful pumpkins and next i am working on the rest of the pictures. We have an enclosed staircase leading upstairs and i am creating a Trick or Treat neighborhood with the rest of the pictures. I think it is really going to turn out well. My poor husband thinks it is all cheesy, but his version of Halloween resembles the actual “Halloween” movie and i am just not having that.

If you are looking for Halloween coloring pages for your kids here are a few sites that have great pages and some have great projects that i use alot.

Preschool Coloring Book

Coloring Pages

Coloring Book Fun

First School


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