Been Such a Long Time

There is no excuse i know, but as i explained in my last post, i had some thinking to do. Should i continue this blog or should i be pissed that the evil few that go out of their way to make me feel creepy about even sharing my life with my friends via the internet keep me from writing? I will continue to post here and talk about my life and hopefully share things that i find useful in daily life with others. It comes down to the fact that i enjoy sharing the things that i find out about parenting or educating my kids or just whatever. I will be limiting my pictures and any of my friends that wonder how they are growing are welcome to let me know, i will get you the link to our family photo album.

So where are we now? Well we are 18 weeks pregnant and have found out that its a BOY! We are excited about that. We wanted another boy and honestly i happy about it. The baby is measuring at the 20 week size instead of 18 weeks, but we have big babies over here so it isn’t a surprise for us or our doctor. I honestly love my OBGYN and while i know we financially cannot afford anymore kids, i will REALLY miss the babies. REALLY. I am getting my tubes done with this one because i am not a birth control girl. We had our first on the pill and our third after i got the Depo shot. The new baby is healthy, but there is a little concern because the nucheal fold is thicker than they like. There are no other indicators of a problem, but we are going for a more in depth scan of the heart and organs at 20 weeks with a specialist. The fold is measuring between 5mm and 6mm which is only a little bigger than they like. I am not 35, but it does increase our risk of having a baby with possible problems. Obviously this has made us very anxious, however, regardless it will not change our welcoming the baby just like all the rest. The risk is still low, but is still there and as long as the baby continues to grow and show healthy in the scans we are forever grateful. I have always been a full believer in God only gives you what you can handle. The baby is very active and M is working on picking out names for him. I already picked out the middle name to keep with the “S” theme. He gets to pick the first name and so far with it being football season he is driving me crazy with some very odd combos.

Our other boys are doing well. J is in Kindergarten and is just flourishing in his class. He still has a severe speech problem and the new therapy program at school is making it near impossible to get him into it. I swear he will be in first grade before he gets the first session. He is talking a lot at home and has really opened up in class,but is not talking as much as he does at home. That is to be expected though.

D is in preschool and is having some anxiety problems. He loves school, but he is having some problems with being potty trained at school whereas he is fine at home. A lot of it stems i believe from his being a little jealous that “I” has kinda taken his place in being the baby at home. We have kept him home for a few days to work on reassuring him and he seems to be happier, but we will be putting him back in school for the 3 days a week next week, because he will eventually need to get used to it. The preschool is very small and the teachers and director are super understanding and helpful during this time.

“I” is doing well and is just as active and physical as the others. He chipped a tooth since he seems to be a little off some times in his coordination when he gets tired or sick. Doesn’t stop him though from plowing right in there.

So life is good and busy.


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