Hmm really?

The crickets are noticeable in this blog as of late. My direction with this blog has been erratic at best and sometimes i have no idea which way this blog is going. I have debated deleting this blog, but it does come down to that i love to write. Even when i am not writing on this very public blog i do keep a private blog in which i can ramble and make no sense. Sometimes i wonder why i want to have a public blog, but there are people that i know that do read this blog to keep up with me, since i am in fact a horrible friend when it comes to keeping it in touch. Thank goodness for the internet and the ease of access for others.

This comes with pros and cons. I belonged to a website for moms and really enjoyed the community and the people. Well most of the people, in fact, i had to have my account deleted since someone decided to use pictures of my kids that i had posted on my profile with the board and claim them as their own. I only posted maybe four pictures, but the ease of the internet made it summarily possible for someone to come in and claim images of my boys. MY BOYS and use them, that in itself baffles me. I just couldn’t be a part of community that had people that would do that, i don’t blame the board owners or even a majority of the people there. However, I had to leave and i am sad because i had made quite a few friends on the board.

It is sad to see that the internet is both a friend and foe in today’s era. The ease at which you can find information on people is becoming easier every day. The constant upgrades and advances that we are making are not only allowing us to learn more, but also makes it easier for those “predators” to come in and steal part of someone’s life and claim it as their own. With the majority of my friends and family living elsewhere in the US and even world, i need the internet’s accessibility to keep in touch with these beloved people. I have always tried to exercise caution in the information i impart to the world, knowing that people can find just about anything that they want to, but it find it sad that i have to censor the parts of my life that i want to share with my family and friends. I find it sad that someone would want to use my life, my moments to enhance their own. It is wrong and i am for this reason on the fence about continuing what i share in this blog. It is true that i could e-mail more private things and pictures to people and i can say that i am busy and time is something that i am short of.

That is at best a lame excuse, i know, and as we all see i do actually suck at keeping my blog up to date. I do appreciate the luxury that it gives me to share my life with others, there are people that keep up with my life, that i don’t share a personal friendship with. People that are mothers like myself and we exchange stories back and forth through our blogs about our daily life. We laugh, cry and learn things from each other. We take comfort that we are not alone in our world filled with one syllable words, dirty diapers, screaming, messes and an abundance of hormones. These are people that i don’t personal know, but i read their blogs and they read mine, in an effort to find solace in another’s crazy day. Would the relationship be different if i didn’t impart this information via my blog and instead wrote an e-mail to everyone whose blogs i read and who read mine each day? Yes, it would be a little more personal, true, but again to a mother whether we have 1 child or many to e-mail individually is hard. We have precious little time to impart a funny moment or painful tale and the blog is simply an easy way to share our tales and read a story or two while rocking a baby or stealing a few moments for yourself. Yes, i could individually e-mail everyone, but some of the mothers that i read and who read my blog may not want to impart that last personal part of themselves and invite me into their e-mail.

Also if i update my blog this frequently think about how many e-mails one would get a year from me. Truth be told, i am furious that someone would make me question my putting these tales or even a few pictures on the internet to share with my family, friends and mommy friends because they want to violate my privacy. I am upset that someone would cross that line and i just don’t know what i want to do about it. Maybe it means that i don’t put pictures up anymore, passwording the photos doesn’t seem to deter a lot of people, i would hate to do that as i know so many people take pleasure from them. But to what end, they are my children and i am in charge of keeping them safe. This whole thing has me a little unsettled and so i am unsure what to do.

For that reason crickets have inhabited this blog as of late. I appreciate those of you that continue to ask after me and my life. I promise to make a decision about this soon.

What would you do?


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