The Parent’s Pledge

  • I will set a good example for my child.
  • I will show my children I love them every day through words and physical affection.
  • I will listen to my children and let them know I value what they say.
  • I will praise my child’s accomplishments and efforts towards those accomplishments.
  • I will have realistic expectations for my children.
  • I will allow them to make their own mistakes and learn from those experiences.
  • I will avoid being too critical or focusing on my child’s shortcomings.
  • I will encourage my child to meet new challenges and have new experiences.
  • I will respect my children as individuals even if I don’t always agree with them.
  • I will enjoy my children and make time to share interests and appreciate one another.
  • I will love my children unconditionally.
  • I will let them know they are lovable, worthwhile and valuable human beings.
  • ~~ Author Unknown ~~


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