• I will always love and respect my child for who he is and not who I want him to be.
  • I will give my child space – to grow, to dream, to succeed, and even, sometimes, to fail.
  • I will create a loving home environment and show my child that she is loved, whenever and however and however I can.
  • I will, when discipline is necessary, let my child know that I disapprove of what he does, not who he is.
  • I will set limits for my child and help her find security in the knowledge of what is expected of her.
  • I will make time for my child and cherish our moments together, realizing how important – and fleeting – they are.
  • I will not burden my child with emotions and problems he is not equipped to deal with, remembering that I am the parent and he is the child.
  • I will encourage my child to experience the world and all its possibilities, guiding her in its ways and taking pains to leave her careful, but not fearful.
  • I will take care of myself physically and emotionally so that I can be there for my child when he needs me.
  • I will try to be the kind of person I want my child to grow up to be – loving, fair-minded, moral, giving and hopeful.
  • ~~ Author Unknown ~~


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