The boys were just not themselves today. Something is going on with all of them. J has been complaining of a headache for the last few days and when M was getting some wax out of his ear tonight he noticed that you could see one of the tubes that had been put into his ears. My reaction was to pull it out, this one is not stitched into his head and it is common for the tubes to fill up with wax and the eardrum to eventually push the tube out after 9 to 18 months. He has had them for i guess 2 years. I am concerned though. We went through so much with him constantly getting ear infections and the mesh tubes that are permanent should decrease this problem from persisting, but i am worried that removing the tubes will cause him to get infections again. Or is this something that they are more prone to when younger? He will be 5 in June. I don’t know and then the other concern is that he is still WAY behind, speech wise and i don’t want this to affect his speech anymore. I feel like we are already running an uphill battle with this and i am not getting any help from the therapists in the area. I will be taking him to his normal pediatrician tomorrow as the ENT is only in our area 2 days a week and i can’t see paying extra for the appointment as well as extra in gas just to have them pull the tube out. His ped. will be able to pull the tube and is so familiar with us and his background that i feel i can get some good answers to my concerns on this. I think the other tube is still in there and if it doesn’t come out on its own we will have to get it surgically removed as tubes generally are only in for 3 years max. If we do decide to get another set put in, we will have the one on the other side replaced or cleaned out. It is funny though to talk to him today because he is yelling like he can’t hear well. I am thinking it is because the tube is full of was and in the way. Freaked M out though!

D is going through some sort of weird spell too. I don’t know what is going on with him. He will be really tired and then only nap for half of the normal time. I don’t know if he isn’t getting enough sleep at night or if he is just in that in-between phase of a growth spurt. He is just not as happy all the time as he used to be, but it seems to be tied in with being tired alot. I know that he is still having breathing issues and we will have to go back and see the ENT soon since he has had his tubes for almost 2 years as well. I am reluctant to get his removed right now since he will still be prone to sinus infections and ear infections until his sinus cavities are more formed around age of 5.

Ian is just not feeling well. I am 100% certain that this is due to his ears. We just finished his third round of antibiotics and he is now completely miserable. Crying all the time, up at night and i am sure the antibiotics are wreaking havoc with his intestines. *sigh* We have to hold off until he is a year for the tubes, so that means tomorrow i will take him in to the doctor AGAIN for another round of antibiotics. I am thinking this time we will have to do the shots. We have been hitting him hard with the strong oral stuff and it is not only not helping, but they seem to be worse at the end of each treatment. I don’t like continued antibiotic treatment, especially if it is doing no good. I am really getting tired of being at the doctor so much. I hate exposing them to other sick kids. I know he isn’t feeling well and it is hard on all of us. I am getting less sleep, M is getting less sleep and is frustrated because Ian cries all afternoon when i am not there and then he isn’t getting a good night’s sleep either.

Stress levels are high in the house right now.


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