My family is such a group of crazy people! I think that it is the goal of my boys to view their surroundings and woe to mommy if it is neat and clean. Then the devil in them kicks into high gear and all order must be UNDONE! I spent the last three days going through the house and cleaning and straightening it up from top to bottom and within 30 minutes the house was destroyed. I could of cried. I know though it is my own OCD-ness causing these feelings and that my three boys…young boys should not be expected to not mess up the house. That’s what they do, i know this logically. I have no idea why i get so bent out of shape about it. I hate that i get so upset about it.

My dad came over today and picked up the crib that we are putting in his yard sale next Saturday. Dad however didn’t know that he had red mud on his shoes and we have cream carpets. So when i got home after grocery shopping in the rain (HELLO making up for the drought all in one week are we, Mother Nature?) the lovely site of destruction and red foot prints on the carpet. I think one reason i get so upset by the mess is that M does nothing about it. I understand that they are boys and i should let them play, but he doesn’t straighten up at the end of the day. He needs to help me teach them how to clean up after themselves. Mommy does not plan on doing this when they move out.

I swear though somedays i feel like my kids do not love me very much because i feel like i am CONSTANTLY yelling. *sigh* Trials of being a mother.


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