This cow is drying up

I have been the primary cow in the family since my first son was born. I have nursed and pumped every day for each of my boys for a year. I am always in awe at the fact that i can provide for my children in all aspects during their first years. However, being this is the 11th month of Ian’s life, and i have been only using my pump to express my milk, this cow is sore and drying up. Yes, i know there are women out there that say that it is impossible to dry up. It is supply and demand. But i did not have a choice in this matter with Ian. I was not allowed to nurse him after he was diagnosed with the stomach condition, but i was determined that he not be given formula. So far i have been able to keep up. I am literally pumping every 2 hours all day every day and i am not getting any more out after a month of this. My boobs, let’s be honest folks, they are bruised and VERY sore. I will continue to express milk until we switch him to cow’s milk after he turns a year, just like the other boys. I am just a little worried i may not make it that far.

I am trying though…really hard.


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