Today i spent the day cleaning again. I have no clue what has gotten into me lately with all of this cleaning. I have vacuumed the last three days and while i vacuum once a week normally, i have never vacuumed to this level before. I think that the lists are helping to keep me focused as well. Hopefully this continues because my house has never looked better.

In some ways though i worry that all of this cleaning is taking away from time i should be spending with the boys. Even now though at their young ages, they enjoy doing more things without me. I feel like i should be trying to do something with them a lot more than i do. I don’t want them looking back and saying mom spent a lot of time cleaning instead of playing with us.

I did work on a few things with J, such as writing letters A-M without tracing them, following instructions (and again i got some signals that he can read some words since he said the color before the shape was even colored, but the spelling of the color was in the shape) and some mazes. He needs some prompting on the writing because he will act like he has no idea what letter you are talking about, but in reality he does. He just likes to make a game of it.

D has shown a lot of interest in drawing or coloring, but he can recognize shapes, colors, all the letters and how they sound and animals, so i don’t think he is doing too badly.

Tomorrow i will finally get to get to the grocery store as we are down to our last 1/2 gallon of milk and i see coming in to work tonight that gas prices have gone up another .13 cents in the area. Great.


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