Today was such a gorgeous day here. If it hadn’t been for the huge clouds of pollen, i would of had my windows open for the breeze. I cannot stand cleaning pollen off everything though. I am really glad that no one around here is allergic to it, otherwise there would be misery around here. One of my neighbors is so allergic to it that her eyes swell and she looks like she went through rounds with someone.

J had a really great day at school today. The teachers were all very impressed with his communication and he made it a point to say bye to the little girl he had been playing with. It seems like ever since we had the conversation about possibly keeping him back in preschool he has really made a lot of improvement. I knew he could do it and he does show me this side of him, unfortunately he doesn’t show it to everyone else.

I can’t believe how much D has grown up. We seem to be going through a growth spurt right now and he has lost a lot of the toddler baby fat in his face and is really shooting up. I miss the baby part of him. Right now he is really trying my nerves with the every changing emotions. It is like tiptoeing through a mine field with him and there is a tantrum always just around the corner. I feel like i am negotiating with the U.N. when i try to get him to do something. He has been wanting to spend more time playing on his own either with his Leapster or something else, but i have to be in the room just not playing with him. I feel like i need to be educating him in something, but he pretty much knows the alphabet and is learning how to spell and match (in english and french) on the Leapster. Every time I try to do something with him, the world has ended.

There is a summer camp for the preschool that both J and D qualify for, so we are going to sign them up. It is for 3 hours every day for one week. It will be nice to have them out of the house. T-ball sign ups are in one week also, hopefully i can get J a spot on the team.

I have to go back to work tomorrow night and i will be in training (possibly). I cannot tell you the joy associated with this.


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