Pity party has ended

Yes the whining about she is so much better than me has ended. I am still struggling to get rid of these feelings and hopefully i can shake this off. Thankfully she lives somewhere else, but when i start riding again i will run into her. Because yes even though she works full time as something else she still gets what ever horses she wants in terms of riding, everyone is always willing to throw great rides at her no matter how long she has been away.

Ok yes i am done.

I am however reminded that i had goals for myself that i had amended to include my kids and in looking at them i don’t see a lot of progress on this.

The problem is i am letting myself get lulled by the familiarity of every day life. I am not taking steps to empower myself to move forward towards my goals. My goals are not any farther away than they were, more like i am just running parallel with them.

Some of my life goals:

* Become an active member of GFWC

*  Actively work to make my business a success

* Have my business become my main source of income so that i can work from home

* keep my body fit and toned (i am so far from this goal i could cry)

* Endeavor to grow intellectually each year by taking a course in something new

* Keep writing in my journals

* Become a member of the Olympic Dressage Team (the year on this keeps changing)

* Continue to keep in touch and stay a part of my family and friends lives (i tend to fall into that rut

and not communicate for a while)

I know there are more and that these don’t seem like much but they are my goals. I feel like i need to work towards them in a little bit each day. I need to get myself fit, not just for my own personal benefit, but for my family’s as well. I want to become a stronger more focused person.

Now to get out of the daily grind of housework and diapers. I can do both i just need to make it a point to pursue my goals and not just glance at them in passing with a wistful sigh.


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