How can this be?

Today was the registration for Kindergarten here and i got through it in about an hour. I had planned while there to speak with a couple of the Kindergarten teachers to get recommendations for a speech therapist to help J learn how to have a conversation. Honestly I cannot teach him this, not for lack of trying but i must lack the necessary brain cell. In any case, in talking with one of the teacher’s aids because seriously it was a FLOOD of parents when the sign-ups started. So they were all busy as everyone is assigned a parent to help fill out forms and make sure you brought everything aside from a DNA sample. In talking to the aid she gave me the names of the public school therapists (one of which we had already tried when J was 3 and she just didn’t work out) and the name of..get this…the ONLY other place for therapy in a 40 MILE radius! Therapists i ALREADY know are booked until J is possibly still in Kindergarten at the age of 20!

How is the possible? How is it that i cannot find any help for my son’s speech? I think it is so unfair that he may be classified as slow based on his inability to overcome extreme shyness around others and lack of conversational skills. I know he is different, i have never once convinced myself that he wasn’t, but there is no reason he cannot keep up in school as he is super bright. He can do the work without a problem, it is ONLY a language barrier. I am so sad that after almost 2 years i am STILL fighting the same battle in trying to find someone to help my son. I think it is sad and i know in talking with other mothers this is only the tip of the iceburg in what our area is lacking in.

While i would love to help everyone, right now i need to focus on J and what i can do to help? I have been the one working with him during this search and while he speaks a lot, tons more than before his surgery, I can’t get over this teaching him how to have a conversation hump. Plus being as i am the only teacher for speech, he speaks much less for everyone else, husband included. He needs someone else to work with him so that he learns to talk as much around others. Unfortunately i am beating my head up against a WALL here folks. What can i do?

Isn’t there any therapist in my area that can teach my son to recite all the Spongebob episodes (with the moves as well) like i can? Ok i didn’t teach them to him, but as i pointed out he is bright and after a couple watches he can recite most anything he has seen…only around me


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