title? no title?

I have been spending a lot of time crafting lately. I don’t tend to talk about that much here because i keep another blog for that. It seems to have slightly consumed my days though.

My sister and i have started getting together every wednesday to scrapbook together. I am grateful for this because without her coming over and kicking me into doing something i would never get the scrapbooks put together for each of my boys. I want to remember the little things that they did to make me laugh and the little stories that as the years go by my mind files away into the back corners. I also love doing things that involve paper and glue and glitter and stickers.

Inevitably on these days D will want extra attention or Ian will get into something he is not supposed to or something will happen, because Murphy’s Law is a permanent resident in my house.

You know what is weird i had a whole post going in my head and now that i sit to write it, it is completely gone. Nice. Memory loss at 33, i am SO lucky.


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