Time Well Spent

So many times the days fly by us and we get caught up in the routine of the day. We tend to lose focus on the important parts of our lives. Heck i am lucky to remember any part of life. My day is filled with so many little events and things to get done, as i am sure many mothers face. It is a challenge each day to check each item on my list of things to do. Mainly if i get the kids fed, dressed and naps in i consider it a good day.

Today my 9 month old walked his first steps. I knew it was coming, it has been in the works for sometime. I have been trying to preserve that little bit of baby left in him. It is inevitable though, he wants to catch up with his big brothers and play with them. I want him to stay my baby and he wants to grow up.

So today we didn’t worry about the dishes, vacuuming or piles of toys threatening to over take the house. We sat and watched as my baby took his first steps towards toddlerhood, a little ahead of my schedule.


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