Do I know you?

My husband and i often talk about things that we see or find on the internet that are of interest to us. Often times i will regale him with a story that made me laugh until i wet myself, only to have him say who is <insert name here>? I will say “Oh you know, <insert name here>, from <insert blog name here>” and he will look at me like i grew antlers and tried to strap on a sleigh. “Who?”

I spend a lot of my free time reading mommy blogs, craft blogs, participating in mommy board discussions and giving advice to local moms (who are crazy enough to take it).While i don’t know a majority of the people whose blogs i read in person, after commenting and reading about their lives for months or in some cases years, i feel like this person is a friend.

Is that perverse?

My husband doesn’t understand how i can form a relationship (of sorts, seriously i again must re-iterate that i am NOT a stalker) with someone’s blog. In some cases, the blogger and i have gone past the commenting back and forth and moved on to e-mailing each other. I feel like for the most part every day we bloggers put a part of ourselves into the blogs that we keep and by doing so we invite people to get to know us. Now there are some extremes, but i have for the most part had great experiences with other bloggers. I have made several great friends via blogs, and yes by friends i mean actually communicating with each other outside of the comment field. I also see others forming great and lasting friendships after a particularly moving post.

I think all of this is great. My husband however thinks that i have put too much of myself and family out there for others to see. I do try and be careful and limited the information that can be gleaned from posts as to my child and various things about our lives and where we live. Even doing so i know that there are people that take pleasure in causing problems. I can only say to my husband that i enjoy blogging. It has a been a rich and rewarding experience. It has allowed friends to keep up with me when they just don’t get a chance to e-mail and it has given me a chance to learn so much from others out there.

I have met some wonderful people via their blogs and i am hoping to meet many more in the years to come.


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