Career? Blogging?

When Susan from Friday Playdate (along with Lisa Stone from Blog Her) appeared on ABC’s special interest report talking about blogging and making a career of it, she sparked a lot of interest in this topic. There has always been a passable interest in mothers, in particular, about finding a way that we can work from home to avoid the house size payment that child care providers ask for so that you can go to a job outside of the home. I for one am always looking for something that will allow me to stop working nights and being a zombie all day long just so that we can afford the neighborhood that we love and have food to eat. I am constantly on the look out for new ideas and ways that i can work from home without having to put a lot of money up front, i.e. starting a home business or mailing things. I know that i am not alone out there.

That is why i was so thrilled to see someone whose blog i have been reading (and loving!) for over two years talking about blogging as a way to earn money. Granted, i would love to do that, but i highly doubt that it will happen. I am not organized enough to keep the tone of blog in order, it mainly comes out sounding like a schizophrenic wrote it on a bad day. Alot of times the voice in this blog sounds nothing like my own. While it is my own words and thoughts that you are reading, it often comes out sounding off or odd. What person wants to hire that to write for them? I can honestly say, zero.

Ok well i haven’t tried, but i am going based off the fact that somedays i don’t even know where i am coming from with things.

However, i am inspired by Susan and Lisa and the many other mothers out there that are taking their ability to inspire and entertain, to bring home the proverbial bacon.  I applaud all of you.

I am going to try harder to make the voice you read here my own, who i really am. I really don’t try to come across as disjointed. It only happens when i write for the world to see.


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