Sometimes it gets lost in the jumble of the day and the roar of the tiny masses, but i do love being a mother. I love the realization that each of these amazing boys are a part of me and my husband. That they will grow up and be special to someone makes me tear up a little bit. I know i get ahead of myself because let’s face it we haven’t even gotten to Kindergarten yet, but still it is close.

I have been working on a scrapbook of J’s first year and to be honest i don’t remember half of what the photos are showing. I cannot remember that his hair used to be super curly and fine like mine, but it changed somewhere along the way. Thank goodness for the digital memories.

I don’t know how many of you like to put together your own scrapbooks, but i would like to recommend something a little bit different for the coffee table. Sometime along the same lines, Blurb. This site allows you to make a book of your memories, that you organize and design. They print it out and send it to you. Plus you can order more than one of these fabulous books to give to relatives. Personally i think it is a fabulous idea for Christmas, even though i know it is alittle far away, i am definitely going to be giving these to some special people in our lives.


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