J’s hair is like his father’s, thick and full and grows like a weed in the sun. Mark needs a haircut every three weeks or his hair is impossible to deal with. J is the same. After three weeks you have to drown the child to get water past the forest to his scalp. So when i take the boys to get their haircuts we go to an old fashion barber. One my dad has been going to since we moved here (see my inability to change ANYTHING) and that has known my family forever. I think this place is a dying breed. It has the old fashioned red/white pole out front and the group of old men inside reading the paper and shooting the shit. When i took my boys for their first haircuts there after their screams died down, the men there each got up and shook the boys hands and welcomed them to the “club”.

I thought it was cute, sort of a tradition, keeping the place alive. M thought it was creepy and weird.
In any case he hates having to pay for a hair cut and because the last time he asked me to cut his hair just like the girl at the saloon did (do i look like i have mad haircutting skills?) it didn’t turn out right. Well now he got me something he knows i know how to use.

A pair of clippers.

Be still my heart.

Well it is true i am great with the clippers, i used to clip show horses for years.  I know how to use clippers, but i do not how ever think that i want to be the person responsible for cutting M’s hair every other week since he decided that he wanted to shave his head, instead of the old style. Which i happen to like, of course i voice this AFTER he has shaved it and decided he liked it.

Anyway J gets his head shaved for the most part because it works for him. D on the other hand is gifted with his mother’s wispy, thin hard to find a style for hair and therefore has to get the scissor treatment. So i shave J’s head today and while i  was out of the room getting Ian who was vocalizing his need to get OUT of the crib.  I come back and J has shaved two lines in D’s head. His head people, and it isn’t pretty. So i have to shave the rest of it otherwise he will look like someone burn rubber on his head.

Now he looks horrible and since he has my hair it will take FOREVER to grow out.

J though looks pretty pleased with himself.


One thought on “Haircut?

  1. ok now I gotta see pics of D’s new do! I’m still waiting for Z’s hair to grow out from when he tried to give himself a haircut (I thought i had hid all of the scissors– oops!).

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