A New Year a Brand New Diary…

Stolen shamelessly from “Bridget Jones – The Edge of Reason“, one of my all time favorite movies. Colin Firth is quite honestly a lovely man.

In any case, with a new year there is a sense of excitement, this will be a better year feeling. Dear god please let this be a better year.

2007 ended with us having a wonderful new son and eleventy million dollars of debt. *sigh* Insurance coverage as it is, sucks. We have a plan via the job, but the plan provider just plain sucks and it is getting to the point that when a practice sees who we have for insurance they honestly hesitate to see us. This company takes up to 6 months to either pay or reject a claim, by this point i have called a gazillion times about the claims that now have been directly billed to me as the hospital, doctor, surgeons are sick of waiting. Now while i am now more knowledgeable than i care to be about insurance and my responsibility, I still have to make these calls and even if the claims are being disputed, guess what they still now appear on my credit report.

Which folks SUCKS if you want to refinance a house because the medical drama is sucking the life out of you not to mention the money and will to live.

So now my credit sucks, even though i have sent letters to the credit bureaus about them, until paid they are there. Which again falls on the wonderful, suck ass insurance company to shell out some of the thousands they steal from my bi-weekly and pay the GODDAMN BILL! (ok sorry for that. My frustration level has been met and is overflowing with pure rage.)

I can’t talk about that anymore or i swear a blood vessel will blow in my head, kill me and leave my children motherless and therefore their father in charge, which he doesn’t want. So moving on.

2008 HAS to be better folks.

Goals for this year:

1. Get out of debt with the exception of the house and the van (because we don’t make that much money)

2.  Start selling more of my jewelry and other handmade crafts in my Etsy shop. (I would link to it, but seriously it is empty and who wants to look at an empty shop?)

3. Blog more ( no really, i must if only to control the voices in my head. Although i can’t say it will always be informative or witty. )

4. Be nicer (I hate to say it, but i am not a happy sleep deprived person, i am a mean sleep deprived person. Mostly taking my anger at being awake on my husband, who doesn’t always deserve it. Hey this was a hard resolution to voice aloud.)

5. Contact my actual real life friends more because we ALL live within 30 MINUTES of each other and talk maybe 4 times a year. It’s all me, I know i suck. I will try more honestly.

6. Try to not judge the other mommies that stare at me with disdain for not being pert, blonde and a size 0. People i wasn’t a Size 0 when i was born, it ain’t happenin’. The most you can hope for is that i fit in the zip code.

7. Spend more time working on J’s speech with him. Any suggestions on getting a 4year old to grasp the concept of “I”, “ME”, well we have the “MINE” one down. J mostly talks in third person. Most conversations on this are like this:

J: “J wants milk”

Me: “No honey, I want more milk, please”

J: ” You want more milk, J wants more milk please”

Me: “No, say I want more milk”

J: “You want more milk, J want more milk”

Me: tapping chest “I” tapping his chest “I”

J: smacking me “I” smacking himself “J”

Me: “I means that you want something. You are talking about yourself”

J: “You want?”


J: gets up, gets milk out of fridge, brings it over with cup and sets it down. “J wants more milk please”

Me: *sigh*

In all honesty i am just stopping there. It is almost February and you know what that means, preschool smack down is about to commence.  Now hopefully it won’t be too bad as we already are a part of the preschool that i want D to go to and that he will be in the 3 year old class not the 4 year old class. Those 4 year old mommies will slash your tires for a spot and stalk you. Fingers crossed i shouldn’t have to cry and what not since i see the administrator every other day. That would be very embarrassing. The poor lady already has seen more of me than i think she wants to mainly because i like to pick her very educated brain on how to get my shy non-verbal child to speak so that in kindergarten he is not put into the special class just because he is shy.

Well i have done a LOT of blogging today. I updated my crafty blog too, if you care. I will blog more later!


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