Post Office

Hello to all of you people in front of me at the post office. There are what about 30-40 million of you here? I have been here for about an hour and we have moved maybe an inch. You look at me and wonder why i can’t keep my children quiet? Well let’s see here. The post office is not exactly Toys R Us and there is nothing here for them to do. We exhausted the toy department that i carry around with me. So if my older two want to run like maniacs over excited and bored children then they can. If you would like to maybe move you ass and your ten thousand packages that all of you have, please do so.

Otherwise i will whip my boob out and feed my youngest right here in line. I swear to God people I will. There are no bounds to my frustration at this point. I have been here for days!!!!!!!

Someone save me.


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