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Thinking Back

This time of year always causes me to think about high school and old friends. I was fairly lucky in school. I was never part of the “in” crowd, but i had a great group of friends. People that i had known pretty much my whole life in N.C.. I was so very fortunate that the friends i had I still have. I still get together with most of the main group of friends that i had and some of the friends i had lost contact with, are resurfacing.

I feel lucky to have so many good friends in my life. People who have known me for over 20 years. Who have stood by me through all the breakups, embarrassing moments and bad hair (because really wings? what in the WORLD was i thinking). They have always  been there and when i needed space they gave me that too.

I went to a college in another state for my freshman year. It wasn’t because the schools around here weren’t good enough, it was more that i needed to know if i could go off on my own and not freak out. I had always had my friends around and my family, i needed to see if i could be independent.

I could, but i missed everyone terribly. To the point that i drove home each weekend and spent it in the dorms with my friends, old and new.

I always think about all of my friends this time of year because lets face it, I suck at keeping in touch with people now. I can barely match my shoes to my outfit much less form a coherent sentence to send to a friend. I know several friends keep up with me via this blog. Let’s face it, i keep up with me through this blog. So the internet has done some good after all.

I hope and wish for my kids to make friends like i did. To form friendships that have lasted for many years. Friendships that make up a part of who they are. They don’t have to be a part of the high school “in” crowd as long as they fit “in” with their crowd.

To all of my friends who read this. I love you all and thank you for being there for me.

But couldn’t you of least warned my that i had NO idea what i was doing hair-wise? Oh dear lord and the tight capri type pants. It’s a wonder you guys didn’t hide in shame. Oh the horror.


All I Want for Christmas

is too not kill anyone before it gets here.

For the love of the jolly elf, lady you are knitting and DRIVING DOWN THE HIGHWAY.

Knit purl yourself to the shoulder, woman, you are in my way!

Post Office

Hello to all of you people in front of me at the post office. There are what about 30-40 million of you here? I have been here for about an hour and we have moved maybe an inch. You look at me and wonder why i can’t keep my children quiet? Well let’s see here. The post office is not exactly Toys R Us and there is nothing here for them to do. We exhausted the toy department that i carry around with me. So if my older two want to run like maniacs over excited and bored children then they can. If you would like to maybe move you ass and your ten thousand packages that all of you have, please do so.

Otherwise i will whip my boob out and feed my youngest right here in line. I swear to God people I will. There are no bounds to my frustration at this point. I have been here for days!!!!!!!

Someone save me.

Not Alone

We are not the house that people drive by and point at any more. “Look mommy are those people poor? They don’t have anything up for Christmas?” So stick a sock in it we have the requisite amount of Christmas crap on display in the yard. Now are our house decked out in glory for the season.

But i am sorry kiddies we draw the line at large blow up things. (At least outside the house.)