Out of the depths

So last night, at work, my fever finally broke. Thank god! I think everyone thought i was going to keel over and die any minute in my nineteen thousand layers of clothes, while it was 60 outside.

Of course now i can finally come to terms with the fact that we are the only house left in our neighborhood that didn’t run out immediately after stuffing ourselves Thanksgiving and put up all of our Christmas stuff. So i hauled out the holly and lights and put some up on the outside. At least i took down the Autumn Leaves. I still need to add to the outside, but at least now i don’t need to bow my head in sham when a neighborhood mother comes by and tsk tsk’s my lack of holiday cheer. I swear i will never judge a person by their seasonal decor again.

I am getting together my Christmas Card list, which in terms of scary numbers, is SUPER scary. We send to a lot of people. DH’s family is about 40+ people and then my 20+ family members and then so many friends. I get faint thinking about all the writing. I like to put personal notes in all of my cards, because sometimes i don’t get the time during the year to reach out to these people. Let’s face it, i am lucky to get dressed and out of the house much less have an intelligent conversation. So a personal note is just my way of thanking them for understanding that i am a sucky communicator.

For my friends that read me here. See it isn’t just you.


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