Let the turkey countdown begin

Now with all these people coming and J having the flu, but most likely being better I am wondering about the two babies that will be coming to the feast. My sister’s 1 month old and my cousin’s 3 month old? Anyone have advise for this? Are they in danger? I can guarantee that J will be nowhere near the baby’s as he doesn’t like them at all, he won’t even come into the same room with them. Also he isn’t coughing or sneezing, just a fever and fatigue. I currently have towels on the couches (after one stomach flu that last a week, i got tired of washing the couch cushions) and blankets on the floor (reflux babies, clean carpet or clean blanket? blanket is WAY easier) and these things will be cleaned and put away for the feast. Also i am the queen of clorox and the house will be sanitized an hour before everyone gets there while the boys nap.

I am calling the pediatrician today to make sure that the babies will be alright, I would never put anyone in harms way and i have called people and told them. Maybe i will keep J upstairs, he would probably be happier there anyways.

Since i have the largest house, all the food and cooking ability, no one else will take on turkey day.  SO it is ALL me.

Today i will be cleaning up Weeble Village and the Little People hell that occupies the front part of my dining room. Polishing the wood floors, washing the blankets and towels to make sure J doesn’t spread the flu to the other two and cleaning the bathroom.

M has really stepped up and helped out, cleaning a room a night really thoroughly. Thank god!


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