Can I please catch a Break?

Today J’s preschool class was doing a little musical act in front of the parents and then we were having a Thanksgiving feast. The day already had not begun well as Ian was just not feeling a nap this morning and wasn’t his normal self. This happens on days that M and I have to switch vehicles in the lot at work. Waking the boys up early really messes with them.

D is feeling much better and only has a cough to show for everything. Thank goodness.

Well I get to the school and drop my contribution to the feast (Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars – OMG GOOD!) and find our places at the table before the songs. J’s teacher came out to deal with some of the parents that were moving the places around to sit with the people they liked and whatnot. Whatever Preschool Mom cliques, I am just not in one. J’s teacher stated that she had taken something away that J was working on and now he was upset and wouldn’t get in the costume or walk with the class. (this may be the reason i am not in the mommy cliques) So i asked if she needed me to come and talk to him and she said no she would get him there. No sooner than that was out of her mouth and the kids come lining in, very adorable and at the end you can hear someone screaming and crying.

Any guesses as to whose child this was?

Yup *sigh* My kid.

I swear I always feel like everyone is judging me and my children and think that i am some incompetent idiot when it comes to being a mother. “Oh look at the mother whose kid won’t go up front and sing” “Look at the mother with the boy that is shy”

High school ALL OVER AGAIN! Sucks, really sucks. I hate that he is shy, but i hate that these parents feel that their kids are better than mine. I feel like no one ever gets to see what they are really like. I can’t help the shyness, I do what i can and get them out with others and in multi-tudes of situations, but I cannot MAKE them enjoy doing these things.

So after the rest of the kids go up front and start singing we leave (I feel like in shame and again feel like i am not a part of the group), no real point in staying. I can tell J is upset over something and Ian is just not himself, so I just call it a day. We go home, i finish putting away the mountain of food living on my kitchen floor and then we all go to take a nap.

D wakes me up before M gets home so i get up with the boys until M can take over. I notice though that J is not himself and is warm. Then i get Ian and he is smoking hot. I take temps and they are high in the two of them and Ian is just fussy. SO M gets home, I make him take the boys to our doctor who is staying over to see them.

Result: J has the flu and Ian has a double ear infection.

Again, seriously who hates me up there?

So the doctor has prescribed meds for both, this is the first day of the flu for J and he has had a flu shot so the dr is confident he will be well by Wed (I am too as we did the same thing last year a month after getting the flu shot, he got it, mild case and was well two days later) and Ian is on antibiotics and should be feeling better by Wed too.

I feel like for some strange reason we are always getting sick and it makes no sense. We are all religious about hand washing and whatnot. But i know that all it takes is one to get sick, then a trip to the dr and whatever people have had there will come home with us. It always takes one dr trip to turn into 15 all with different issues until we can stop going to the dr and then everyone is well for a long time.


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