The Worst Luck?

I think possibly we have it. Or maybe it is just D that has the worst luck. After getting over the stomach fun, everything went back to normal for about a week. We got a call from the ENT and the tests that they ran on the fluid trapped in D’s middle ear, tested positive for bacteria so he was put on Omnicef. Ok fine. Then last friday (day 2 of the antibiotic) he started acting sick and just not himself. Now the antibiotic tends to kill his intestines, literally. It doesn’t normally make him sick though. By Monday he was starting to run high fevers, so i took him to the doctor on Tuesday. Well he tested positive for strep. Yep while on antibiotics he caught strep, there should be an award for that. Since he had just gone through a round of pretty strong antibiotics and still managed to get this, they only had one option, to give him a shot of bi-cillin, in the butt. So we get that (oh and for kicks because my pediatrician felt sorry for the fact i look like i had been run over by a bus, she tested me. You guessed it, Mommy has strep as well and being allergic to the penicillin family and nursing Ian still, my options are slightly limited) and go home. Wednesday afternoon, D starts coughing and continues to do so through the night, getting no sleep at all. So Thursday morning he is wheezing noticeably, back to the doctor we go. So we get a breathing treatment (while we have a nebulizer at home, the Xophenex that they gave us initially gives D severe migraines and he cannot take it, we hadn’t had a chance to get different medication for the nebulizer yet) and new medicine and sent home again. A half hour after the treatment he is still having problems, in fact after 3 treatments, one every 4 hours as directed he is still having problems. So off to the ER we go since it is now 10pm and my doctor has closed for the day. So we get another treatment there and a chest X-ray for precautionary measures. Well now he has Pneumonia. Seriously, is he trying to get through the ENTIRE medical journal before he is old enough to drive! So the ER doctors give us more antibiotics and tell us we can repeat the breathing treatments every 3 hours, sooner if really needed, just monitor his heart. Which after one treatment is about to jump out of his chest, i cannot imagine giving him one back to back.

Today he is better.

Oh and too add to the fun, Ian has a cold and is developing a nasty cough due to the mucous. Damn slab houses and their cold floors!


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