I didn’t post this yesterday because in all honesty i spent the day bawling like a baby. I still tear up when i think about my friend’s loss.

So i had to take D back to the doctor yesterday because he had a fever of 105.6 the night before. Yup that’s right people, i had seriously never seen my thermometer go up that high. It was scary, like fill the dam tub with water and ice and throw him in it at 2am scary. Folks this temperature was achieved while he was ON MOTRIN, the wonder drug. It was super scary and we were able to get the fever down. But you bet your ass i was knocking on the pediatrician’s door come 7:30am. Now to add to the fun he has a loud wheeze. Great.

Because at this point i know how to work the Nebulizer my dr gave us one. It’s bright green and has a dragon on it named Huffenpuff. Yeah for how breathing treatments!

So the doctor sent us down for chest X-Rays to see if he had pneumoni, nope, clear there. So we were sent home to do breathing treatments and regular decongestants for the weekend. He didn’t have a fever at that point, THANK GOD, and off we went. Oh it only took 3.5 hours to accomplish ALL OF THAT.

Still no baby for my sister. Her doctor is seriously not getting the message though. He won’t even start talking about an induction date until she is 42 weeks. They still wait 2 weeks? I am going to have to open a can of smack on him.

I have a premonition as to when it will probably happen, though. My birthday is coming up and the weekend before that, M is out of town the whole weekend and i have about eleventy billion things to do for Halloween and J’s school. Plus D is sick and literally velcroed to my ass.


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