Today there was a field trip to the pumpkin patch that i was going to accompany J and his class on with D. Well the boys didn’t sleep much last night and are not doing well today. Just colds, but i can’t send J to school sounding like this and he looks like hell. So at home they stay and we miss out on a field trip. We will just have to go on our own later. Like i said, figures.

Ian on the other hand does not have a cold, but is teething. I can feel the tooth now and he is pretty much a frantic mess of drooling baby trying to relieve the pain. Oh how i bemoan the fact that he is too young for Motrin. Tylenol does not work AT ALL on my kids, something about all the reflux meds make it hard for them to absorb the medicine. Motrin works better but he is too young for it and i hate it for him. I am throwing him cold gummy things and the teething tablets and Oralgel, but he is pretty miserable.

Again…no baby.

But yeah in other news that probably no one but me cares about my BF for like the last 26 years (dear god has it been that long!) is delivering her baby girl this morning by C-Section at WakeMed. I am sending her happy thoughts and waiting to hear from her hubby, who i have threatened to end his baby making career if he doesn’t call me with the news immediately.


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