Crazy lady

Yup that’s me. I am the crazy lady that you see at preschool lugging a baby carrier while chasing after my 2 yr old that is SO EXCITED to go to school and get brother he nearly wets his pants. Something about separating the two of them for 3 hours. Next year will be even better when the 2 yr old gets to be away from mommy, thank you god, for three hours. Not because i don’t love him more than anything in the world, but because he is the busiest, most destructive, hyper, drive me completely loony child i have ever been forced to spend long amounts of time with. I get tired watching him destroy my house for five minutes.

Still no baby, but she knows that none of mine EVER came out on their own. I swear they would crawl back in if they could.

This week is the letter D. Hold onto your internet people i am going to bestow upon you more  worksheets that i am sure are used to line a litter box educate your bundles of joy and occupy probably 30 secs minutes of time.

D mini book

D is for dog

D is for more dog

D is for dinosaur (coloring pages of a whole mess of dinosaurs with names i cannot pronounce)

D is for Duck (craft you will need a glue stick and scissors and possibly wine…definitely wine)

D worksheet

D more worksheets

D worksheet fun

D connect the dots

D is for Count? (Coloring)

D is for a lot of things (good page if you let your tot near your computer. Otherwise click on the “D” words and it will have activities for that word you can do.)


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