Baby today?

My sister is due today. Yup due to have her first and she swears her last baby. Nothing in the world can make her endure the torture that is her pregnancy (which has been completely uneventful. wuss). She swears i lied to her about the whole thing. Honestly i didn’t, she just chose to not pay attention all three times that i was barfing up air for 4 months of “morning my ass sickness”, gaining 80 lb with each baby (only have it NEVER LEAVE), puff up like the Stay Puff marshmallow man with the first one because i retained water lots and lots of WATER! She chose to ignore the back labor i had, the high blood pressure, inability to hold even a sip of water because my kids GINORMOUS heads used it for a pillow, feet in my ribs, lungs, stomach, the fact that if the house temp wasn’t 60 degrees i sweated profusely and had to shower three or four times a day because my dog nose said i smell like a dumpster.

I am not a silent person, i shared all of this with her. I also shared the 12 hour labor i went through when induced that resulted in my frustrated annoyed patient kind doctor suggesting i just do the damn C-Section because the kid’s head wasn’t ever going to make out that way. (well he was annoyed enough to suggest that if i did want to continue this way, I would never again hit the toilet when i peed, would leak every time i laughed or burped and sex well it would be similar to throwing a hot dog down a hallway. Seriously folks my doctor is totally funny.)

She wanted to know i told her. Apparently though she wasn’t listening. Much like during all of childhood.

Let’s finish off the week with some worksheets for the letter C. J totally rocked this. Of course circles are something he totally excels in.

C worksheet

C is for Cow Puzzle ( this is for 3 to 4 year olds, but there are ones for younger kids)

C mini book fun

C worksheet

C worksheet

C is for cupcake (can we GET a Sprinkles here puleezse)

C worksheet

There are other worksheets that i have saved for Circles and such. If you would like some of them just drop me an e-mail and i will send the links to you.

It’s midnight and no baby. Are you surprised? Nope, neither am I!


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