Alone again, well sort of

Today M left for a wedding for a good friend of his in VA. He will only be gone overnight. I pretty much encouraged shoved his ass out the door. It isn’t that he didn’t want to go, it is that he wanted to take our oldest, J with him. I have no problem with him taking J with him, but seriously what fun will a wedding be where the most popular man in all of VA. Seriously folks it is super hard to not like this man. Will be having a wedding with no less than 600 guests! I think that is a little overwhelming for an adult much less a 4yr old to comprehend. Plus M is going to want to visit with people and drink, dear lord it will be amazing if most of those people get through the service without driving. I mean, 600 people in 1 church. ARE THEY MAD? I vote for CRAZY. Then there is a special reception later for their 100 closest friends. I just think that M should focus on the fact that he will want to spend time with his friends that he doesn’t get to be stupid talk with in person very often. That he will literally get in town in time to go into the church and watch the service and then they are off to the reception then a small break and another reception. J still naps and would need to eat and not to mention will not want to sit through a service after sitting in a car for 3.5 hours.

I was only thinking of him. Ok mostly true, more true would be i didn’t want him leaving J with my mother in-law and the evil cousins while he went out partying. Totally unfair to J. He loves his grandmother, but those cousins, i can’t honestly convey the horror that those three our into words. Suffice to say horror is a tame word to describe them.

So really people i had my reasons to keep J at home with me.  I know cut the cord woman. *sigh*


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