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I didn’t post this yesterday because in all honesty i spent the day bawling like a baby. I still tear up when i think about my friend’s loss.

So i had to take D back to the doctor yesterday because he had a fever of 105.6 the night before. Yup that’s right people, i had seriously never seen my thermometer go up that high. It was scary, like fill the dam tub with water and ice and throw him in it at 2am scary. Folks this temperature was achieved while he was ON MOTRIN, the wonder drug. It was super scary and we were able to get the fever down. But you bet your ass i was knocking on the pediatrician’s door come 7:30am. Now to add to the fun he has a loud wheeze. Great.

Because at this point i know how to work the Nebulizer my dr gave us one. It’s bright green and has a dragon on it named Huffenpuff. Yeah for how breathing treatments!

So the doctor sent us down for chest X-Rays to see if he had pneumoni, nope, clear there. So we were sent home to do breathing treatments and regular decongestants for the weekend. He didn’t have a fever at that point, THANK GOD, and off we went. Oh it only took 3.5 hours to accomplish ALL OF THAT.

Still no baby for my sister. Her doctor is seriously not getting the message though. He won’t even start talking about an induction date until she is 42 weeks. They still wait 2 weeks? I am going to have to open a can of smack on him.

I have a premonition as to when it will probably happen, though. My birthday is coming up and the weekend before that, M is out of town the whole weekend and i have about eleventy billion things to do for Halloween and J’s school. Plus D is sick and literally velcroed to my ass.



My friend’s baby died today. *sigh* I cry even as i write this because i know my friend and her family are in such pain. I know that this has been such an ordeal for her. The C-Section, being separated from her daughter until last night when they could finally get a bed for her at UNC, her daughter going through surgery at a day old, then her daughter passing away today before my friend was even able to hold her. I cannot imagine. I cannot fathom her pain. I know that she hurts and i know i cannot do anything for her. I am respecting her wishes for privacy right now.

I know she sometimes reads this blog and i have e-mailed her as well, but i want you to know Beth i love you and we are here for you. We are truly truly sorry for your loss.

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Ian’s tooth is finally through! I had forgotten how freakin’ sharp those things are. Of course now he seems WAY more upset than he had been and of course that makes sense. NOT!

My friend had a baby girl yesterday morning by C-Section, Sarah Elisabeth, 5lb 11 oz and 18″ long. She was however born with a congenital heart defect and was transported to UNC Children’s Hospital (which is seriously the mecca of children’s hospitals in the area) after being born. They didn’t have a bed for my friend at that time so she had to stay behind and her hubby went with the baby. I am sending prayers to my friend and her family that all will be well.


Today there was a field trip to the pumpkin patch that i was going to accompany J and his class on with D. Well the boys didn’t sleep much last night and are not doing well today. Just colds, but i can’t send J to school sounding like this and he looks like hell. So at home they stay and we miss out on a field trip. We will just have to go on our own later. Like i said, figures.

Ian on the other hand does not have a cold, but is teething. I can feel the tooth now and he is pretty much a frantic mess of drooling baby trying to relieve the pain. Oh how i bemoan the fact that he is too young for Motrin. Tylenol does not work AT ALL on my kids, something about all the reflux meds make it hard for them to absorb the medicine. Motrin works better but he is too young for it and i hate it for him. I am throwing him cold gummy things and the teething tablets and Oralgel, but he is pretty miserable.

Again…no baby.

But yeah in other news that probably no one but me cares about my BF for like the last 26 years (dear god has it been that long!) is delivering her baby girl this morning by C-Section at WakeMed. I am sending her happy thoughts and waiting to hear from her hubby, who i have threatened to end his baby making career if he doesn’t call me with the news immediately.

Because i missed seeing my pediatrician

That’s right folks. J came home yesterday with the sniffles and this morning my children got up sounding like 4 pack a day smokers. Someone hates me up there, i know it. Either that or they are secretly laughing at me, which is totally believable since i am still in my pj’s.

So off to the doctor we go. Ok while it may seem a little extreme to you to head to the doctor for a cold 1) J’s preschool needs to have a doctor sign off that the nasty hacking cough you are sending your kid to school with is not going to spread to others i.e. them (i am TOTALLY in agreement with this policy) 2) D never gets a head cold in about an hour of coming in contact with a head cold it will be in his lungs 3) mommy needs validation for addicting her children to Motrin. It seems extreme, but i cannot justify medicating my boys for something when i know that it aggravates their reflux. Ease one pain create another and i am far less happy with the vomiting caused by the reflux than snot. Really i hate both ALOT.

Plus seriously they sound like they have bronchitis. I am NOT a hypo-condriac. We all know the problems I am having with D and his inability to sleep for very long at night (yup still going on, 10 months now).

So the doctor gave J the okie doke to go to school (YES! um i mean i am so happy he is well enough to go to school) and D we trucked on over to the hospital to get our breathing treatment for the morning (yup because i don’t spend enough in gas or co-pays) and we will back for one in the evening. Special we are, yes.

On the side note of D’s problem. We are not ignoring it. In short of going through medical school (sidenote: i did want to actually go to med school, but after i got my two B.A.’s I needed cash people, hence the fulltime job that has NOTHING to do with my ACTUAL degrees in English and Pre-Med. I did actually take the MCATs and scored in the 95%, but then i met M and well got pregnant and pregnant and pregnant. And the rest um you know…), we have exhausted our pediatrician’s entire practice of doctors’ knowledge on the problem, as well as the ENT that preformed the surgery in Jan, thus kicking off the Insomnia 2007 tour for D. So i pretty much bullied them into giving us a referral to the UNC Children’s hospital because seriously people, maybe he will grow out of it DOES NOT WORK FOR ME. I am betting for D either. He was born into a family of sleepers and the fact that he is awake for 75% of the night making him a cranky annoying mess ceased to work for me by, oh, DAY2! So they gave the referral because i am tired of the run around and they agree i am not getting the answers i need. I am not going to medicate my 2 yr old just so he can sleep through the night. There is a reason he can’t breath at night and dammit i want to know what it is. Plus the medicines only give him an hour more of sleep, and then he is up, drugged and cannot sleep because, oh yeah, HE STILL CAN’T BREATHE!

So they sent his medical records over there and i called to get an appointment with the allergist and ENT. They have to call you back. But the ball is rolling.

Thank god.

Oh and no baby yet

Crazy lady

Yup that’s me. I am the crazy lady that you see at preschool lugging a baby carrier while chasing after my 2 yr old that is SO EXCITED to go to school and get brother he nearly wets his pants. Something about separating the two of them for 3 hours. Next year will be even better when the 2 yr old gets to be away from mommy, thank you god, for three hours. Not because i don’t love him more than anything in the world, but because he is the busiest, most destructive, hyper, drive me completely loony child i have ever been forced to spend long amounts of time with. I get tired watching him destroy my house for five minutes.

Still no baby, but she knows that none of mine EVER came out on their own. I swear they would crawl back in if they could.

This week is the letter D. Hold onto your internet people i am going to bestow upon you moreĀ  worksheets that i am sure are used to line a litter box educate your bundles of joy and occupy probably 30 secs minutes of time.

D mini book

D is for dog

D is for more dog

D is for dinosaur (coloring pages of a whole mess of dinosaurs with names i cannot pronounce)

D is for Duck (craft you will need a glue stick and scissors and possibly wine…definitely wine)

D worksheet

D more worksheets

D worksheet fun

D connect the dots

D is for Count? (Coloring)

D is for a lot of things (good page if you let your tot near your computer. Otherwise click on the “D” words and it will have activities for that word you can do.)

Baby today?

My sister is due today. Yup due to have her first and she swears her last baby. Nothing in the world can make her endure the torture that is her pregnancy (which has been completely uneventful. wuss). She swears i lied to her about the whole thing. Honestly i didn’t, she just chose to not pay attention all three times that i was barfing up air for 4 months of “morning my ass sickness”, gaining 80 lb with each baby (only have it NEVER LEAVE), puff up like the Stay Puff marshmallow man with the first one because i retained water lots and lots of WATER! She chose to ignore the back labor i had, the high blood pressure, inability to hold even a sip of water because my kids GINORMOUS heads used it for a pillow, feet in my ribs, lungs, stomach, the fact that if the house temp wasn’t 60 degrees i sweated profusely and had to shower three or four times a day because my dog nose said i smell like a dumpster.

I am not a silent person, i shared all of this with her. I also shared the 12 hour labor i went through when induced that resulted in my frustrated annoyed patient kind doctor suggesting i just do the damn C-Section because the kid’s head wasn’t ever going to make out that way. (well he was annoyed enough to suggest that if i did want to continue this way, I would never again hit the toilet when i peed, would leak every time i laughed or burped and sex well it would be similar to throwing a hot dog down a hallway. Seriously folks my doctor is totally funny.)

She wanted to know i told her. Apparently though she wasn’t listening. Much like during all of childhood.

Let’s finish off the week with some worksheets for the letter C. J totally rocked this. Of course circles are something he totally excels in.

C worksheet

C is for Cow Puzzle ( this is for 3 to 4 year olds, but there are ones for younger kids)

C mini book fun

C worksheet

C worksheet

C is for cupcake (can we GET a Sprinkles here puleezse)

C worksheet

There are other worksheets that i have saved for Circles and such. If you would like some of them just drop me an e-mail and i will send the links to you.

It’s midnight and no baby. Are you surprised? Nope, neither am I!