I promise no more A

Today J decided that there was no way on earth he was going to school. M takes J to school on Monday’s because he is off and i have forced encouraged him to spend time with D after he drops J off at school. A little one on one time at the park across the street. D loves it and i get to go to bed a bit earlier than usual as long as Ian doesn’t decide to that he needs to be played with right away.

Not this morning, apparently J turned into some psycho child, who kicks and screams and blatantly refuses to step one toes in the classroom.

D promptly decides that is his que to enter the class and take J’s place in the land of activities. He is truly in love with going to school. Since right now he is only there for 5 minutes we will see how that is when he is there next year for 3 hours.

M finally pried J’s claws from his leg and the door, threw him at the teacher, grabbed D and hauled ass out of there. J stopped crying after 15 minutes, but refused to do anything with the class for the morning. Way to go kid, that’s what i am paying for.

His teacher sent his classwork home so that I we could get it done for class on wednesday. Get ready people, this week we do the B’s!

In other news, since Sunday marked the first day of Fall it was high time we got out the Halloween and fall decorations. So i am off for a couple of days and it is time to deck the house for Fall! The kids love doing this and it always gets me in the mood to start baking. The guys at work are SUPER excited about that part.


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