Yeah for the letter A!

Yippee more of the letter A. I cannot think of anything interesting to say about the letter right now.

Today we did some more practice with writing the letter A. J has some homework to complete for class on Monday so i am hoping that he will pick a frigging hand to write with and finish the worksheet for class.

Since J is completely in LOVE with animals we did the Alligator worksheets today. Although i cannot for the life of me convince him that it is an Alligator and not a Crocodile (he is/was a major Crocodile Hunter fan) he keeps his focus a little more on worksheets with animals in them.

Now for those of you with color printers you can print this one. But in all honesty there is very little color in the color version.  The alligator is a brownish color. So the black and white version can be found here. For those of you who like the slanty looking A,  here is the color and black/white version of the Alligator worksheets.

I guess in looking at the versions, the slanty one is more of the cursive letter with the block being the print version, but i like the word slanty better.

We also did a picture with the letter A. We used this worksheet here. I have a ton of stickers and i cut out things from magazines to use in crafts. We picked out things that started with the letter A and J glued them to the worksheet.

Being the crazed OCD crafty person i am, i have a hanging folder box that i keep the kids work in. It has separate folder for each child and activities for each one. When they draw a picture or scribble something to keep (i would love to keep everything, but after a while you realize that one pen mark on a page does not a memory make) that goes into the complete craft file located in their own file box that is upstairs. That one also keeps medical, insurance and important papers. There is one for each boy.

Ok so now i can see that you are slowly backing away from the crazy mommy writing this blog. Truth be told, if i didn’t do this i would never remember whose is who and would misplace something very important (like J’s lost social security card). So for sanity sake i have to be like this. We don’t keep everything that J brings home from school, but we keep a good mixture of it and send pictures to grandparents and aunts for posting on frigs. The rest is reused as wrapping paper or made into collages or part of scrapbooks or, the horror, trash.

With the sticker/glue picture alphabet pages we are going to put them into a binder and then J will have a book of the alphabet that he made. Each boy will have that. We will also put the numbers 1-10 in there. We may add pages to each of the letters as the boys get older and they start doing more. But i like the idea of them creating a book that they can keep and hopefully use some in the early years.

Ok enough of the Martha Stewart part of my brain. I know that it has scared you all. Wait though the holidays are coming up and i get a little crazy over here with a glue gun and glitter. Bring on the plastic pumpkins!!!!


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