We practice

It is a fine line that i am walking on working with J to pick a damn hand decide which hand he would like to use to write with. I want him to learn and practice so that he is comfortable and yet i don’t want to force work on him too much. Right now we have four 15 minute “lessons” that we do in a morning. Normally broken up with him and D running around screaming like the crazy people that they are. i have been steadily printing out worksheets and whatnot that look interesting to help him. I try to make it fun and have even let him use the glitter pens. Which he has taken a shine too, alittle too much of a liking to for my hubby and I’s liking (for me it is mainly because they are my sparkly writing pens!).

Next week J will learn to write the letter B so this weekend we are practicing the letter A. I don’t want to cram it into his skull how to write. I don’t want him to forget it either. I know my kid is smart, but i always worry that he doesn’t chose to remember certain things. Writing that is a skill he will need. At least until children are required to have laptops in kindergarten.

I have been posting links to sites with various activities for young children and i am glad that everyone is enjoying them. As J and I trek through the new world of learning (mommy is SO tired that pretty soon i will need to go back to school to be able to help with homework. I can’t remember ANYTHING!), I will be posting specific links to the worksheet or activity that we did that day, hopefully, if i can remember how to work the frigging camera, it will be accompanied with a picture of J’s work. Sometimes D’s interpretation as well because as those of us with multiple kids knows, what one does the other will want to do as well.

Since i know that the links i have been giving you have an awful lot of activities and clicking involved to get to a certain activity, maybe this will help some of you who are too damn lazy busy duct taping getting your child to the table to click on 15,000 links just for one damn worksheet.

Today J and I worked on the short and long A worksheets. For those of you that prefer the “A” to be more of the standard block A rather than the slanted A in the worksheets above. Here are the short and long A worksheets for those. It has the same pictures on the bottom as the above worksheets.

These worksheets were good for J because they were so big and didn’t really force him to have to restrict the size of the A. I think that big letters are great for the kids learning to write. While they will have to eventually make them smaller (although since i am blind as a bat, i can appreciate the large letters), it helps them understand the basics of making the letter.

No pictures right now, but i will come back and add them later.


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