Right? Left? Both?

I have been working with J on his homework from preschool. I have to admit that i am a bit confused on how to teach my child which hand he should chose to write with. My husband is left handed and i am right handed. So far both J and D use both hands when coloring and writing. Now i know that when kids are young they use both hands until they figure out which will be the dominant. To tell you the truth i am still working on that. My hand writing often times resembles a toddler’s.

So while we are working on the letter A for his homework he is struggling to pick which one he wants to use. Perhaps mommy should of spent more time coloring with J? In all honesty though i always was way more into the coloring than he was. I have done some research and in an effort to help him use the pencil instead of stabbing the paper to death I have found some activities to help him.

* Connect the Dots Pictures (these will be good for D too)

* Simple mazes that will help him with maneuvering the pencil/crayon

* Cut and Paste (this site has some simple cut and paste activities that are simple for kids at different levels)

* Trace the lines (this is the website my son’s preschool uses for activities at school)

* Preschool Express (has some great activities for moms and teachers to use)

Just as an FYI to any parents who have purchased the a Graco or Simplicity model crib this year. Several models have been recalled due to infant deaths and some children have become trapped in the gap. There is a list of the model #’s in recall in the article linked above.


One thought on “Right? Left? Both?

  1. Wow, thank you for the links! Those are great for my five year old, who isn’t in school yet. I was the same way in kindergarten. I eventually became left handed. I think it will just take time for them to realize what’s the most comfortable for them!

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