I have lots of it.

Long and still fairly thick thanks to pregnancy hormones (God Bless ’em).

However I am fairly simple when it comes to styling said hair. Mainly due to time. Seriously getting to pee is occasion for much celebration for me. So needless to say when i leave the house to run errands and do the school mom thing, number 1 on my list is brushing my teeth and 2 is normally put on a bra. How sad is it that i could not even care if i am in my pajamas or not? (Forgive me Stacy and Clinton!!!)  Not to mention brushing my long hair. Normally it is in a pony tail or bun.

Why keep it long, you ask? Well because this


is so not what my husband desires to be married to. (I have an enormous face people, it’s ok no need to deny it.)

He likes long hair. And yes he would probably like said long hair better if i got up off my ass and brushed and styled the bitch, but then he would have to watch Ian or the other two whilst i did this and frankly, it doesn’t seem to be worth the effort.

I do make it a point to wash my hair on occasion and then i spritz some hair sticky in my bangs to keep them off my forehead because for the love of all i cannot stand the feeling of my hair on my forehead. Freak? Yes yes i am.

Well tonight i took a shower and spritzed some stuff in the hair and then laid down to sleep before work.

I woke up looking like this:


not in a bar or looking like her, but the hair people…THE HAIR!

Holy Crap people!  I thought my husband was going to pee himself when he woke me up.

NO AMOUNT OF STYLING PRODUCT WAS ABLE TO TAME IT. The horror people, the horror.

Oh my co-workers cover your eyes.



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