I am the only one

am I not?

Nope, i didn’t think so.

Oh you have NO clue as to what i am talking about. Right, brain has gotten ahead of me here.

J has started school and his teachers are SUPER nice. Nice in a way that i want to be their very best friend and bake them yummy stuff.

J is shy, he doesn’t talk much, but he is a very smart boy. He picks things up super fast (like phrases mommy uses “One more time and it is time out for you Derrick). He does not however talk around OTHER people or his father. Only his mother and i am pretty sure people are beginning to question that i am “actually hearing” said phrases or if i am in fact imagining it.

They have started writing in preschool. A new letter will be introduced every week because as most of you know, there are requirements for kindergarten. Seriously, REQUIREMENTS, for kindergarten??? I think when i started Kindergarten the only requirement was that i not pee myself or require breastfeeding. Now they have to write their name, tie shoes (Velcro people), know the entire alphabet and count to 10. I was unaware that i needed a degree in education to have children. I may of seriously re-thunk that night of nookie had i known this.

So J and i were coloring today after he had learned the letter “A” and without my asking he immediately said “A, Mommy, look see an A” and he had free handed drawn an A.

I was SO proud i immediately went to the internet and downloaded and printed every preschool “A” worksheet i could find.

How could i not?

Crazy that is what i am.

For any of you moms with other preschoolers or even younger (as i force use these sheets with my 2 yr old as well to keep him from ripping and eating helping when j and i do things more on his level) I have a some great resources that i go to often. I will try to keep you updated with things that i find. Ok this is taking for granted that people are still reading this and haven’t thrown their hands up at my inability to hit the “Publish” button vs the “Save” button. Seriously people i have three kids, cut me a wee bit of slack.

Here goes:

* Basic coloring pages of various animals, alphabet, etc. (i use these a lot with both. To make it more fun we make puzzles out of them by cutting them up or we cut out the pictures and tape them into a bigger picture)

* Preschool activities and worksheets (i love this site for different activities for each letter or holiday, like puzzles or putting together animals. It can be difficult to get to the actual page to print because you have to click on what seems like ten links, but it is worth it.)

Coloring Pages (This one has a ton of fabulous cartoon pages that are printable. We LOVE us some Disney here!)

* Preschool Activities (I haven’t used this page alot, but i am starting to use it more. Great variety of activities to keep you involved with you little ones)

I hope those sites help out some of you with little ones. I love doing things with my boys and even though i am EX-HAUS-TED people, even i can follow these activities. Enjoy!

Leave me a comment or send me an e-mail and let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “I am the only one

  1. hey, thanks for sharing those sites. looks like we will need to use them pronto!

    i thought pre-school wasn’t really required – like kindergarten is?

    if they really are supposed to know all of these things before moving on, we are so screwed. my daughter already looks like she’s the oldest in her class, even if she’s one of the younger ones.

  2. I don’t think it is an actual requirement, but i know that since J has speech issues and used to have real problems interacting we enrolled him to help him get used to the classroom setting. Now i am finding that it was the best thing i ever did. I am in no way knowledgeable on what my kids need to know and they would of been at a disadvantage. I swear before getting pregnant they should trap you in a room with 1) video of birth (instant birth control, kinda like that blood on the highway movie from Driver’s Ed) 2) mothers of toddlers and preschoolers to let you know that you should have a degree in education, medicine and about a thousand other things.

    I so did not sign up for this. No one said labor lasted this long!

    Don’t get me wrong like every other parent i like to do things with my kids, but i am clueless on how to encourage their growth. Isn’t that what TV is for?

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