My sister’s baby shower

Yeah this was a disaster.

35 people invited.

7 people RSVP’d they were coming.

3 people, none of whom RSVP’d, outside of family members came.

Yeah big fun.

The food was good since i spent $400 and made all of the foods Tracie loves. I went without sleep for a day to get everything prepared and decorated. I virtually drove myself mad finding pictures of frogs and giraffes to color and put all of the house to go with her nursery theme. (my boss by the way thought coloring pictures was a great way to spend my time at work! Thanks Jeff!)

I snipped and snapped at my kids and husband, because i was on a caffeine induced decorating fit and was driving everyone mad.

All to have 8 people there.

I hate to say it though, my sister has not made it a point to be nice to people in her life. She is not a social person and will tell you to your face that she hates people. I don’t think that endears people to want to show up bearing gifts for her.

I felt bad, but she even said at the shower that she wasn’t like me and didn’t have a lot of friends. That made me want to reach out and hug all of my friends that have stood by me over the years. I have a lot of wonderful people in my life, a lot of whom i have known since elementary school.

I wouldn’t trade them for the world. It is nice to have such great support outside of your family.


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