Babies are good


My sister is convinced that being pregnant is the absolute worst thing that can be done to a woman. She believes that i seriously lied to her when i told her what it would be like.

I really didn’t. You just have to live it to really know.

The end result is worth it though, but honestly i never hated being pregnant and feel empty when i am not pregnant. (channeling Michelle Duggar

It makes me sad though that she says that this is it for kids for her and her hubby (not that i am a big fan of her husband being a part in procreation, he is not someone who should add to the gene pool). I enjoy my kids and i enjoy spending time with them. All the endless tasks  and messes that they create are a small price to pay for the special people that they are.

I hope that she finds this when she finally gives birth to her daughter (she wanted the boys and i wanted girls, figures it would work out like this) .

Now i am off to find my sanity and my keys. Hopefully my keys are not the loud noise coming from the dryer.

Maybe i should hope that it is the noise coming from the dryer?


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