It is getting close to when J is starting his second year of Preschool. We have found a lovely place much closer and cheaper. I love the director of the program, she has a background in speech therapy which is perfect for J. The teachers are all lovely and were oh so friendly the day that i just wandered through the school like a homeless woman looking in classrooms.

It’s a wonder i am not arrested for being a Peeping Tom all the footwork that i did looking for preschools that i  would consider sending J too. I am not picky people, really i am not. I need the school to have the ability to work with kids that have speech issues and i don’t want J to get lost in a classroom full of kids. He is shy and doesn’t always speak out for what he needs.

I had narrowed my list down to three schools. We were wait listed on all three. We found out before the summer that J got into this one, the one we were the lowest on the list for. I seriously never knew that as a mother i would have to camp out in the preschool parking lot for a space in the class. These women are fierce!

I am thrilled though and J will get to meet kids that will be in his kindergarten class next year.

GAK Kindergarten!!!!!!!!!!  Where did the time go?


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