I can’t help it


I love Paula Deen. I can’t help my love for her and her use of butter. I love that she is so full of life and that for the most part i can make her recipes and they taste good. With the exception of Hobo Burgers. Ok they look great, when i make them they look taste like a lump of dead beef. Gross to the extreme.

Now i have found out that she is going to be at our state fair. Oh my dear lord. I may faint. I want to go. I want to go really bad. I have enlisted a neighbor into wanting to go really bad with me. I in all likely hood won’t go.

Because i have to work that night.

But i would give sleep up to meet Paula Deen.

I really would. That and my husband, all for a $20 ticket.

See i am easy to please.


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