I love me some pictures

Wait you love pictures too? Well then far be it for me to with hold. I am a shameless mother.


I think it is noon and we are still in our pj’s.


What IS this I am staring at? It is fascinating!


Good lord i have the world’s LARGEST head. Seriously freaky looking. And where are my bangs?


Did you know that i can smile now? It is beautiful!


Good thing i am so cute because my mother has NO FASHION SENSE. PEOPLE I DON”T MATCH, the horror.


You see mom while you were taking pictures of your GIGANTIC HEAD, i was umm drawing…On my face…with daddy’s pens.


Come here, mommy, you need some color.


7 billion photos later we are all in the same frame. Take the picture woman, we have things to destroy!

Thanks for looking!


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