I am gold for the YEAR, people!

I bought my super excited child husband and his cousins parking passes (green lot, people *cha-ching*) and that’s right AND passes into the Tailgate Club. That’s all you can eat BBQ and autographs people and there are two bars in there. Now i don’t drink, but my sports loving husband, covets this as a separate sport. Plus i bought him the very trucker looking 2007 training b-ball cap to get autographs on.

I thought for a minute M was having a heart attack when i gave him the news. Shit he didn’t get that happy when i said yes to marrying him or that we were pregnant. Geesh.

Now that coupled with my using all of my vacation time up so that he can go to said games, there is some serious payback owed to me here.

You hear that M? Pick up your socks or so help me i will burn them!

Oh yeah and bitching about having to take the boys outside in the heat because i don’t want to, nope, i didn’t think so.


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