Let me just mention that the aforementioned “SPORTS” room is our guest/office space. It is also the future room to be used for two kids when we have a fourth baby as it is the third biggest bedroom in the house.

I will not have it painted Maroon and Gold people. I simply draw the line.

He has made no less than fifty million ebay purchases (umm, hello medical bills??) and is gearing up for what looks like a virtual redskins assault.

Now he has always watched this team, every year, but now that he is the beloved beholder of season tickets (which for the love of God, Fedex, please stop withholding the tickets. Grown men are curled up in the fetal position waiting for them. Life as we know it HAS CEASED TO EXIST!)

So dig in house, we are about to have our senses assaulted by all sorts of paraphernalia of the maroon and gold nature.

M has talked to A (number 1 cousin) a grand total of 55 times today. He has now been dubbed my “other” husband. As long as i don’t have to clean up his socks too.


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