I truly can find nothing funny to entertain the masses out there. My life is seriously the same every day.

Makes me question the need to get out of my pajamas

My husband is completely beside himself, he is now the new owner of Redskins season tickets. Did you know that it took 7 YEARS on the waiting list to get these tickets, that are on the VISITORS side of the stadium. Dear Lord people. We have no less than 30 family members on this freakin list as well as i am on there 3 times, maiden, married and hyphenated last names trying to get my dear hubby these tickets.

Seriously are they made of gold is that why they take so long to get? And OH MY WORD the cost of the seats in the nose bleed section on the, did i mention, VISITORS side??????? Crap people.

So at this point he has spent no less than NINETY BILLION MINUTES on the phone with his two cousins who are also now ticket holders (it’s like going to the ladies room, men cannot go to sporting events alone people). They are planning and giggling like school girls. I am fairly certain that i am about to be a single parent at the start of the season.

Did i mention we don’t live near the Fedex Field?  *sigh*

He has spent more time either on the phone or e-mailing them or on some sort of Redskins chat board than we have spent together the ENTIRE time we have known each other.

Now the race is on to get his “SPORTS” room fixed up.


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