I have been reading everyone’s account of what went on at Blogher ’07 this year and i must say that i am impressed at how much it sounds like everyone had fun. I have yet to come across a blog that has said anything really negative about it.

Maybe because no one really remembers what on there? Vegas = Chicago?

In any case i am so jealous. Tons of fabulous people were there and had a fabulous time drinking visiting with people that they have secretly stalked met over the internet. Makes me wish i had grown a pair gotten up the courage to go and see the people i stalk read daily. How ever many times that i read it so wasn’t like high school, i am skeptical. I am naturally shy and while my blog comes across to people like a bad first date, i may actually come across worse in person. To people i know i can babble about nothing until they fake a phone emergency talk and laugh, but people i read on the internet, hmm i don’t know.

I mean the fact that i can’t even de-cloak to leave a vanilla comment on how what you wrote was the funniest thing i have read since i discovered my husband had long hair once and wore more make-up than me. God bless the 80’s. Or how unbelievably well i think you write. Or that i really i am NOT a stalker more of a shy internet mommy who believes that you may be able to see me sitting at my ‘puter typing a comment to you in my granny panties and maternity top.

Very stylish and cool, by the way. Any wonder i have three kids.

I am determined though to stick to my New Year resolution of commenting on people’s blogs though and so far *phlbbt* it’s not going very well.

Then again neither is reduce the amount of carbs i eat daily before i resemble the Michelin man.


One more piece of bread and i could have his job.

So i remain envious of those of you with the courage to go and say hi and be merry (apparently very merry after a couple or many) and say hi from here.

Smalltown Clayton, NC

I am glad you all had fun.


2 thoughts on “Blogher

  1. Hi! I just found your blog – we have a lot in common! I am also 32 with three boys (7, 4, & 1) and I cross stitch. I can’t believe everything you went through after your son was born! That must have been so hard for you! Don’t worry I stalk many blogs. My husband thinks I’m crazy because I tell him about all my “friends.” 🙂 Look forward to reading more of both your blogs! 🙂

  2. Hi! I just found you, too, and have to say, go ahead and comment – everyone loves a comment! And you’re so funny, I’m sure they’ll be glad to know you stopped by!

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