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Babies are good


My sister is convinced that being pregnant is the absolute worst thing that can be done to a woman. She believes that i seriously lied to her when i told her what it would be like.

I really didn’t. You just have to live it to really know.

The end result is worth it though, but honestly i never hated being pregnant and feel empty when i am not pregnant. (channeling Michelle Duggar

It makes me sad though that she says that this is it for kids for her and her hubby (not that i am a big fan of her husband being a part in procreation, he is not someone who should add to the gene pool). I enjoy my kids and i enjoy spending time with them. All the endless tasks  and messes that they create are a small price to pay for the special people that they are.

I hope that she finds this when she finally gives birth to her daughter (she wanted the boys and i wanted girls, figures it would work out like this) .

Now i am off to find my sanity and my keys. Hopefully my keys are not the loud noise coming from the dryer.

Maybe i should hope that it is the noise coming from the dryer?


As fall closes

in i begin to get excited about the following:


Baking, YUM!


Carving Pumpkins


Halloween – Ok i KNOW i said that i was sick of it. In all fairness though, J who rarely answers questions about what he wants, said he wanted to be a Ghost for Halloween. I am sorry that got me all excited about it!


Halloween Decorations – This is a little much, but i LOVE decorating!

I love fall and winter. I get all excited and make 4,000 lists of things to do and buy and wind up doing about 3 of them. Mostly due to time and money. I love it though and repeat the process every year.



It is getting close to when J is starting his second year of Preschool. We have found a lovely place much closer and cheaper. I love the director of the program, she has a background in speech therapy which is perfect for J. The teachers are all lovely and were oh so friendly the day that i just wandered through the school like a homeless woman looking in classrooms.

It’s a wonder i am not arrested for being a Peeping Tom all the footwork that i did looking for preschools that i  would consider sending J too. I am not picky people, really i am not. I need the school to have the ability to work with kids that have speech issues and i don’t want J to get lost in a classroom full of kids. He is shy and doesn’t always speak out for what he needs.

I had narrowed my list down to three schools. We were wait listed on all three. We found out before the summer that J got into this one, the one we were the lowest on the list for. I seriously never knew that as a mother i would have to camp out in the preschool parking lot for a space in the class. These women are fierce!

I am thrilled though and J will get to meet kids that will be in his kindergarten class next year.

GAK Kindergarten!!!!!!!!!!  Where did the time go?

I can’t help it


I love Paula Deen. I can’t help my love for her and her use of butter. I love that she is so full of life and that for the most part i can make her recipes and they taste good. With the exception of Hobo Burgers. Ok they look great, when i make them they look taste like a lump of dead beef. Gross to the extreme.

Now i have found out that she is going to be at our state fair. Oh my dear lord. I may faint. I want to go. I want to go really bad. I have enlisted a neighbor into wanting to go really bad with me. I in all likely hood won’t go.

Because i have to work that night.

But i would give sleep up to meet Paula Deen.

I really would. That and my husband, all for a $20 ticket.

See i am easy to please.


I cannot believe that stores are already putting out Halloween and Christmas decorations. For goodness sakes, the kids haven’t even gone back to school yet!

This has of course prompted J to begin the chorus of “Halloween, mommy?” Every day to the point that D has learned how to say Halloween and i am now officially sick of the holiday and it is still two months away.

How is that even fair?

I love me some pictures

Wait you love pictures too? Well then far be it for me to with hold. I am a shameless mother.


I think it is noon and we are still in our pj’s.


What IS this I am staring at? It is fascinating!


Good lord i have the world’s LARGEST head. Seriously freaky looking. And where are my bangs?


Did you know that i can smile now? It is beautiful!


Good thing i am so cute because my mother has NO FASHION SENSE. PEOPLE I DON”T MATCH, the horror.


You see mom while you were taking pictures of your GIGANTIC HEAD, i was umm drawing…On my face…with daddy’s pens.


Come here, mommy, you need some color.


7 billion photos later we are all in the same frame. Take the picture woman, we have things to destroy!

Thanks for looking!

I am gold for the YEAR, people!

I bought my super excited child husband and his cousins parking passes (green lot, people *cha-ching*) and that’s right AND passes into the Tailgate Club. That’s all you can eat BBQ and autographs people and there are two bars in there. Now i don’t drink, but my sports loving husband, covets this as a separate sport. Plus i bought him the very trucker looking 2007 training b-ball cap to get autographs on.

I thought for a minute M was having a heart attack when i gave him the news. Shit he didn’t get that happy when i said yes to marrying him or that we were pregnant. Geesh.

Now that coupled with my using all of my vacation time up so that he can go to said games, there is some serious payback owed to me here.

You hear that M? Pick up your socks or so help me i will burn them!

Oh yeah and bitching about having to take the boys outside in the heat because i don’t want to, nope, i didn’t think so.