I smell

It’s true, i can’t deny it. But in my defense the only days i get to shower are when i have to go to work. On the days that i am off, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, i am the delightful odor of baby vomit and musty sweat. (bet there are a lot of you out there that REALLY can’t wait to meet me now) I could park the kids in front of beloved tv box, but that would only work for one kid, the more responsible of the two toddlers. The other would either let himself out of the house (chain on the door? no problem, i will just squeeze through the gap) or take those moments to construct the worlds messiest painting made from the contents of the frig, which he knows how to work the child lock on.

So i remain showerless from Tuesday until Thursday night. Yumm. It’s very sexy i can tell you.

There was a point in the course of my # 1 son’s life, oh the first 6 weeks that i was terrified that something would happen if i left him to take a shower or left him with my husband that i seriously didn’t bathe. It wasn’t until my husband told me that I was offending the baby with my smell that i took the time to finally shower and wash off the surgical tape remnants from my C-Section. Again sexy.

So here i sit in my own funk.  again yum.


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