Another story

Friday the 13th, really? Eek

Anyway to further continue the trip. Saturday was the birthday party. Everyone had a blast. It was hot and there were a ton of people there. J and D both missed their nap as there was no place for them to take one, i doubt i could of gotten them to take one. They were both extremely tired and overheated by the end of the day. J after several hours outside went in the house and refused to come out. D refused to go in the house at all and just wandered around like a child lost in the desert. After the 3pm mark i don’t think he was very coherent, but no amount of force could get him in the house so he stayed outside with his mom who very much wanted to be inside! Grandmother loved the photo and was so touched by everything, so it was a good day. M got to play washers with his family and basically did that all afternoon while i was in and out with the boys. I know that my role is the babysitter during these trips though. Both boys were so tired, but wouldn’t even sleep in the car when we finally left, it was like they forced themselves to stay up. Crazy!

We had one more night to go as M was going to help with one of his cousin’s home improvement projects. That fell through and we wound up taking the kids to a neighbors in the morning to play of their playsets and then we had dinner with one of his cousins that evening. It was nice not to have to worry about the boys when we were there. She has four boys of her own and the house is pretty childproof with the garage being converted into a big playroom for them. So we were able to have grown up time and dinner, at least until D decided he only wanted to be outside again. At that point he and i were outside while everyone else was inside. Sometimes that kid baffles me. He gets so over heated outside, but never wants to go in. At least he keeps hydrated as both J and D drink water like a fish. Everyone eventually came out except J, who found the whole concept of their movie wall fascinating. You couldn’t tear him away from Flushed Away. He won’t sit through movies at home, but he did here. It was funny to see.

So in all it was a great trip. Plans were made to get together maybe for a fall trip with the above cousin, but i doubt that will happen. Neither one of us have the money for it.

Here are a few more pictures from the party and the morning on the playsets.

765763244_d4d477fb3a2.jpg  We brought the boys bikes as they have a ton of room to ride them

765753536_4429bae7fe_m.jpg  I’m here, bring on the party!

764896641_82d43ad40d_m.jpg  The great washers game

764900105_811e314cef_m.jpg  An action shot. M talks to this cousin more than me on any given day! He is jokingly referred to as our extra spouse.

764901925_3ddfc2fe51_m.jpg  Outside? Nope not going.

764892891_8a656713fc_m.jpg  Inside? Nope not going!

765752148_251a8b5341_m.jpg  I’m good where ever.




765771340_e181dfb290_m.jpg   My husband felt the need to photograph the house that is right before the turn into his aunt’s subdivision. It is lime green. Why lime green people?


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